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2012: The Most Significant Year for Bollywood

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I usually do not write reviews of the movies I watch, mainly because my emotions tend to supersede the technical aspects of a movie, which hinders me to give a fair and unbiased review. Not that a movie needs to be judged on technical aspects alone but still I refrain from reviewing movies, apart from a tweet or two or a Facebook update occasionally. But I wanted to write something about the year gone by in Bollywood as it has turned out to be one of the most significant years in the history of Bollywood. Also the most successful, if you are crazy about numbers and are following the addition to the now not-so-exclusive 100 Crore Club. I said not-so-exclusive because there have been so many movies grossing over 100 Cr domestically this year that the once elite club has more or less become obsolete. As I write this, eight films have grossed over 100 Cr and three more are expected to join the club by the end of the year. Now, Trade Analysts are talking about raising the bar to 200 Crore to make the club much more exclusive. Only one movie so far has breached the 200 Cr mark back in 2009, which was 3 Idiots with an overall domestic net gross of 202 Cr. Ek Tha Tiger came very close to joining that club this year, grossing 199 Cr by the end of its theatrical run.

Although I personally feel that limiting the success of a film based only on numbers, (whether it is the 100 or 200 Crore Club) will only devalue the importance of a film. It will only end up limiting the creativity and quality of a film. But that is the trend going on since the past few years and that explains the huge dip in the quality of films being made today. Movies like Rowdy Rathore, Ek Tha Tiger, Bol Bachchan or a Housefull 2 were made only to milk the moolah at the Box Office. Obviously we don’t expect to remember such movies 10 years down the lane or for that matter even 5 years down the lane but the fact that people go and watch such movies in the Cinema Halls and make them huge Blockbusters is a testament to the tastes of movie goers of this era as well.

The list of movies that have grossed over 100 Crore domestically in 2012 can be found here. Note that the list is slightly outdated as Jab Tak Hain Jaan and Son of Sardar have already crossed the 100 Crore Mark. Three other movies, Aamir Khan starrer Talaash, Akshay Kumar starrer Khiladi 786 and Salman Khan starrer Dabangg 2, the sequel to the hugely successful Dabangg are expected to cross the 100 Crore mark by the end of the year.

But the amazing part of the movies released this year is, for every Rowdy Rathore there is a Paan Singh Tomar. For every Ek Tha Tiger there is Gangs of Wasseypur. For every Bol Bachchan there is a Barfi.

The range of issues on which movies were made this year was so diverse and the style of movie-making was pioneering and thought-provoking. A comedy/drama that satires certain religious beliefs in Oh My God!, The story of an Athlete who was forced to become a Bandit in Paan Singh Tomar, A movie which dealt with the concept of sperm donation and infertility in Vicky Donor, A story about a pregnant woman in search of her missing husband in KahaaniA two-part movie classic which centers around power struggles, politics and vengeance between three crime families in Gangs of Wasseypur, A story about a housewife who enrolls herself in a English language course to please her husband and family in English Vinglish, A story about a deaf and mute boy and his relationship with two girls, one of whom is autistic, in Barfi!. Just to name a few.

The movies mentioned below features my list of Best Movies of the year. I didn’t want to put a number next to them as all the movies are great in their own right. So the order may not be as important in this context. So here is my list of the Best Movies for the year 2012.

I was always eager to watch Kahaani as Vidya Balan is my favorite actress, but I couldn’t watch it at the time it was released back in March as I was battling through my health issues and had to under go a surgery during the same week of its release. So I happened to see Kahaani only recently. The movie explores the theme of feminism and motherhood in a male-dominated society. ‘Vidya Bagchi’ played by Balan comes to Kolkata from London in search of her missing husband, ‘Arnab Bagchi’. The movie portrays Kolkata as a city “brimming with warm and sympathetic inhabitants acquiring a whole new level of luminosity and ‘Shakti’ during the famed Durga Puja”. Balan’s character killing the villain is symbolic of Goddess Durga slaying the demon. All in all, a fantastic and gripping thriller which will keep you hooked till the very end and the twist ending is something to watch out for. Vidya Balan deserves the Best Actress award for another top-class performance in a woman oriented movie.

Paan Singh Tomar

Irrfan Khan’s stunning portrayal of an Athlete and an employee of the Indian Army, who was a National Steeple Chase Champion for 7 years in a row, forced to become a Baaghi (A Rebel), a Bandit who terrorizes the Chambal Valley and finally gets encountered by the Police in a shootout. It’s a tragic yet real-life story of Paan Singh Tomar and the events that led to him becoming a Bandit from a National Champion. Irrfan is outstanding; his compelling and intense portrayal leaves you gasping for more. Brilliant movie, great performance by Irrfan, a must watch movie. He is my pick for this years Best Actor award category.

OMG: Oh My God!

The movie which is based on a play is one of the most thought provoking movies made in recent times. In my view, it is one of the best movies made in the past decade or so. It deals with sensitive issues such as commercialization of religion, the authenticity of so called ‘God Men’ and our beliefs in religion and God. It brings out a very valid message in the end and that’s what makes OMG a great movie. As Lord Krishna played by Akshay Kumar says to Kanji Bhai played by Paresh Rawal, “If you make people lose faith in their own religion then they will make you their religion”. OMG is my pick for all the Best Movie awards this year. 

English Vinglish

The legendary Sridevi makes her comeback to Bollywood after 14 long years and what an amazing comeback it was. The movie deals with the emotional trauma a mother goes through, meted out by her own family for not being able to communicate properly in the English language. As a mother, Sridevi endures all the humiliation her teenaged daughter and husband puts her through (sometimes unknowingly). So she decides to take up an English language course to please her family and gain respect in their eyes. As Sri puts it in a very emotional scene in the movie, “I don’t need love; all I need is a little respect”. Sridevi comes up with an amazing performance, probably the greatest comeback by a female artist, ever. Her emotional speech in the end, in English, in front of her family will bring tears to your eyes. English Vinglish is my pick for Best Movie as well as Best Actress award for Sridevi, she deserves it a tad more than Vidya Balan, to be honest. Priya Anand could well be a candidate for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category.

Gangs of Wasseypur - Part 1 and 2

One of the best cinematic experiences you could ever experience is by watching 5 hours of Gangs of Wasseypur, both parts simultaneously. It’s nothing like we have ever seen before on the Indian screen. It is unconventional, ruthless, brutal, extremely violent, dark, relentlessly terrifying and quirky. The diabolical twists and turns, the sexual innuendos are an absolute treat to watch. Stunning performances, unconventional story and story-telling compels you watch the whole five hours without taking a break. It will remind you of probably the greatest movie-franchise in history which also dealt with Crime/Mafia families, The Godfather Trilogy. GOW is a landmark movie which will be talked about after many years when the best movies of the last 25 years are analyzed.


Without a shadow of a doubt, Barfi is my favorite movie of the year. Ranbir Kapoor charms his way into one of the most loveable performances of the year, without uttering a single dialogue in the movie, except when he tries to pronounce his name. Priyanka Chopra as an autistic girl delivers a stunning performance. Ileana D’Cruz also shines in her debut in Bollywood. Every time I watch Barfi or listen to its songs, it makes me feel good about myself, life seems beautiful all-over again. Even though there is stiff competition this year, there is a good chance Ranbir might take home the Best Actor award for the second year in a row. 

Honorable Mentions:

Vicky Donor
Vicky Donor is a simple yet ground-breaking movie which deals with the concept of sperm donation and infertility. If at all there was a time to talk about such sensitive issues in our movies that time was now. It’s a very enjoyable and entertaining fare. Annu Kapoor deserves an award in the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category for his sensitive and hilarious portrayal, as Dr. Chaddha.


I was absolutely blown away after watching Agneepath, a brilliant and fitting remake of the 1990 original. Outstanding movie and award-winning performances by the main cast, leaves you spell-bound. Sanjay Dutt as the menacing, unscrupulous man, Kancha Cheena will romp home with all the awards in the Best Actor in a Negative Role category.

Please Note: This may not be the most comprehensive list of the Best Movies of the year as I have not watched all the movies and would have surely missed out on a few good ones as well. So this list can be treated as the Best Films I have watched this year.

So which is your Favorite Movie this year? Who is your pick for the Best Actor and Actress respectively? Please mention in the comments below. 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


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Who the fuck do you think you are?
Just because you got a penis,
You think you are invincible?
Yeah I got one too,
But I use my head before I use my penis.

I sometimes feel ashamed
To call myself a man,
Because of filthy ass holes like you.
Why should I be judged in the same breath as you?
Just because I am a man?

All I see in the news are numbers,
18th rape, 19th rape..
And the numbers keep increasing everyday.
Frankly, I am sick of it.

I am just ranting here and doing nothing much about it.
Does that make me any different from you?
Or from those idiots who say, 
Get married early to ‘avoid’ rape?

I challenge you Mr. Rapist to cross my path,
I swear I’ll put a bullet in your head.

And ladies, if any rapist or pedophile
Ever come close to you again,
Kick 'em in their nuts so hard,
They wouldn’t have the balls to even think of raping you again.

I believe the time has come for us to stop being submissive
And say in unison, “Fuck the Rapists”.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Owning Up to Oneself

Owning Up to your Mistakes

I have never blamed 
my shortcomings 
on my bad luck,
Nor have I cursed God 
for my adversities.
wouldnt like to credit 
my success 
to anyone else but me,
For I have worked hard for it.
Neither luck 
nor will God 
have anything to do with it.
I am equally responsible 
for my success 
and my failures,
I despise anyone 
claiming credit for either.
I am the creator of my destiny; 
and in worst case scenario, 
also its destroyer.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rahul Dravid's Retirement Finally Sinks In

Rahul Dravid - My Idol
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Today, when the Indian Test Team takes the field against New Zealand, one player who has been an important part of my growing up years, the person who I have idolized and worshipped since the past 16 years will not take the field today. Rahul Dravid will not be a part of the Indian Test Team anymore. This will be a very emotional moment for me as I am not used to seeing an Indian Test side without my Idol. Dravid had missed only 3 Tests in his entire career, 2 against South Africa in 2010 and 1 against Sri Lanka in 2005 due to injuries. He was a part of each and every Test Match India has played since his debut in 1996, apart from those 3 matches. So technically, today will indeed be the very first time I won’t be seeing Dravid take the field in a Test Match for India. It has been 5 Months and 2 Weeks since his retirement but the fact that he has retired will finally sink in when India goes out to bat today and the first wicket falls but Dravid will not walk into bat at No.3, that will be very difficult for me to watch. Today will be a very emotional day for every Dravid fan.

I remember when Dravid announced his retirement on 9th of March this year; I was going through the most devastating week of my life. I had to undergo an operation called “Core Decompression” on both my hips for my condition, Avascular Necrosis, due to which I was confined to a wheelchair for the next two months. The day when I got discharged, that is the day before his retirement, I had no clue about the announcement. When I checked my Facebook and Twitter; I could only see posts regarding Dravid’s impending retirement as he had called for a press meet the following day. I almost brushed it off as another rumor and didn’t believe it at first.

But Dravid had indeed called the press meet on March 9th and announced his retirement as gracefully as he has played Cricket his entire career. Even when I heard the words from his own mouth that he is retiring, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even cry for the next few hours. I had no tribute post ready as I was not prepared for his retirement. It took me a few hours to compose myself to write one final tribute post. It was also my first day getting used to moving around the house in a wheelchair, so it became equally difficult for me to write the post, physically as well as emotionally. I couldn’t sit on the wheelchair for long as my feet would swell nor could I sit on a bed and write the post as my back would give away. In-spite of all the obstacles, I decided to write one final tribute post for my Idol.

I am absolutely proud of this post as I wrote it in the most extreme circumstances, it is the most difficult post I ever had to write, and it incidentally is also my longest post. It took me well over 4 hours to finish the post as I had to take breaks at regular intervals to give my legs some rest. But eventually it did take a toll on me, sitting on a wheelchair for that long isn’t such a good idea, that too a day after getting discharged. After I finished my post, my feet had swollen. I had to listen to a mouthful from my mom for risking my own health while writing that post, even poor Dravid was not spared by my mom. But such is my passion; I had to write that post, I had put in everything into that post but it did hurt me when not many people actually read the entire post. The people who read it and commented on it, I am always thankful but it didn’t get the kind of readership I expected.

Anyways you can read the post here: My Idol Rahul Dravid Retires - A Nostalgic Tribute. Please do take some time out and read this post. It will make me very happy.

Laxman and Dravid during their epic partnership in the Kolkata Test - 2001
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Apart from Dravid, another legend VVS Laxman will also not take the field today for India. He was an absolute magician with the bat, a genius who was part of the famous quartet which also included Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. Laxman made his Test debut a few months after Dravid and Ganguly made theirs, in 1996. He announced his retirement a few days ago despite being selected for the Two-Test series against New Zealand starting today. It is really unfortunate Laxman had to bid a tearful adieu to International Cricket as he was hurt by some of the comments made by former Cricketers in a few columns. As he didn’t want to be a burden to the team and wanted to give youngsters a chance, he gracefully quit from the game.

India had suffered two humiliating series defeats overseas against England and Australia respectively in the past year. We lost 8 consecutive Test Matches. It was our worst performance in over 30 years. Although Dravid was in outstanding form against England, scoring 3 centuries, even though we lost the series 4-0 but Laxman was in dreadful form, managed to score more than 50 only 3 times in eight Tests. In what turned out to be their final Test series against Australia in early 2012, both Dravid and Laxman had very dismal series; it was heartbreaking to see such legends bow out from the game in that fashion. But it takes nothing away from the fact that those two will always remain two of the greatest cricketers to have ever played the game.

Dravid and Laxman bid tearful farewells to International Cricket. Two of the most well behaved Cricketers you would ever come across who epitomized “The Gentlemen’s Game” by being true gentlemen. It is an irreparable loss not just to Indian Cricket but to World Cricket. They will surely be missed. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Raksha Bandhan

The greeting cover, personally made by Logu
I haven’t had much to cheer about in the past one year, struggling to overcome some serious health issues and various other setbacks. It’s been one hell of a struggle all the way. But there have been rare moments even in these dark times which made me truly happy. I had the privilege to experience one such rare happy moment on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

My best friend and my dear sister, Logu, whom I truly love and admire, sent me the most beautiful gift, a Rakhi, which symbolizes a sister’s love for her brother and his well-being. Being a doted brother to my beloved sister, I too have vowed to protect her for life. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received her beautiful gift in the mail; I was very touched to read the amazingly wonderful words she had to say about me.

(Click to enlarge the pics)

It is very difficult for me to describe in words what she means to me, she has been an integral part of my life since we became friends more than three years ago. Now, I can’t even imagine my life without her. Logu is the hardest working and the most dedicated person I have seen in my life and also the kindest and the most caring. She had to come up the hard way in life, overcoming each and every obstacle with grit and determination. She has also been my inspiration to fight my own obstacles, always encouraging me and giving me the strength to fight my battles.

Sometimes I feel like I have failed her as a friend and also as a brother. She has always been there for me when I needed it but I feel like I have not been there for her when she needed me. I know she would disagree to that but I sometimes do feel like I have failed her. 

Logu, I promise to be a better friend and a loving brother in future. I promise to take care of you and be there for you when you need the most. Thank you for this wonderful gift my dear sis, I am finally happy after a very long time. Your lovely gesture not only made my day but made my year.
Simple, yet beautiful. The Bond of Protection

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

India's Olympic Dreams - London 2012

2012 London Olympics - Official Logo (Clean)
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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games is scheduled to take place in London, United Kingdom, from 27th July to 12th August, 2012. The Government of India has reportedly spent over Rs. 250 crores in preparation for the games, which also includes Rs. 20 crores on foreign coaches for various events, so says Wiki. Has the money which was supposed to be spent for the games has really been spent in the development, infrastructure and training facilities or has most of it gone down the drain? In other words, has most of the money which was supposed to be spent to develop and prepare our athletes to win medals at the Olympics, gone down a corrupt Official or a Politician’s dirty pockets? Whatever the case maybe, I have decided not to dwell much upon any controversies or corruption surrounding the games in this post. I will just concentrate on the athletes who will be our best medal hopes in the forthcoming games.

One good thing about this Olympics I have been hearing in the news is the number of Officials who will be accompanying the athletes to the games, the number of Government Sponsored Officials this time would be only 10 as compared to 166 in the Beijing Olympics. That is definitely a welcome change, now at least we can be assured that this Olympics will not end up being a paid holiday for Politicians and their relatives or anyone associated with the Sports Ministry in any way from the hard-earned tax payers money. The efforts of the IOA and the Sports Ministry are to be appreciated in this regard.

This will be India’s strongest and the largest Olympic Contingent comprising of 81 athletes in 13 different disciplines, there will be 54 Support Staff which includes Doctors, Physiotherapists and Coaches, 7 Contingent Officials, 12 Sports Federation Officials (one from each discipline in which India has qualified) and only 10 Govt. Sponsored Officials which comes to a total of 164 personnel.

As a kid watching the 1996 Atlanta Games, I used to feel very disappointed seeing the medals tally every morning in the newspapers. I used to get up eagerly to see India’s name in the medals tally but would only end up seeing the medals tally of US, China and other European nations grow. We did win a solitary Bronze Medal and Leander Paes became a National Hero. We managed to win a Bronze and a Silver Medal in subsequent Olympics but still the precious Gold Medal was missing from our kitty in an individual event. That void was finally fulfilled when three sporting heroes changed the face of Indian sporting history in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. By winning the gold in the 10 m Air Rifle event, Abhinav Bindra became the first Indian to win the individual Gold Medal at the Olympics. Vijender Singh became the first Indian Boxer to win a medal at the Olympics when he won a Bronze Medal in the 2008 Games. And Sushil Kumar won a Bronze Medal in the Men’s 66Kg Freestyle Wrestling Event; this was only the second time an Indian Wrestler has won a medal at the Olympics, first since K D Jadhav won the Bronze in the 1952 Helsinki Games.

The three Olympic heroes from the Beijing Games have made the cut in the London Games too, and we can definitely hope they would repeat or even better their performances (Vijender and Sushil can aim higher and go for gold) in this Olympics. Expectations are sky-high for India to win a record number of medals in this 30th Edition of the games. We can definitely hope to win medals in many disciplines including Archery, Shooting, Boxing, Badminton, Wrestling and even Tennis. Despite all the controversies and the ugly selection row, we can still hope for a medal in Tennis, both in Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Indian Hockey team would be making a comeback to the Olympics after missing the cut for the first time in history in the Beijing Games. Will the Hockey Team be able to leave a mark? Although the medal prospects for the Hockey Team is very slim, (well, its almost impossible) but if they spring a surprise or two and manage to get at least a bronze medal then it would be considered a great achievement.

Women’s Boxing will also make its debut at the London Games and who better than the five-time successive World Boxing Champion, Mary Kom, who will be the sole representative from India. She will be one of the brightest prospects to win a medal for us in this Olympics.

One of my most favorite athletes, the one with an infectious smile, Deepika Kumari representing the Women’s Archery Team in both Individual and Team Events will be a great medal prospect. She is currently the World No. 1 in Women’s Recurve Archery.

Saina Nehwal is again one of the most promising medal hopes for us in Badminton. Having won two back-to-back titles in the run up to the Olympics, she will be supremely confident and will be at her prime form and we can surely count on her to win an individual Gold Medal.

Compared to the previous editions of the Olympics, this edition will be our best bet to win lots of medals, the final medals tally may even touch double digits for the very first time.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Indian Bloggers League - The Phenomenon

Official IBL Logo
It was a lazy Monday evening on the 11th of June, my good friend Deepak Karthik of Whatever It Takes fame came up with an ingenious idea to host a IPL-like tournament involving the Blogging community called the Indian Bloggers League. When I saw his post on the IndiBlogger Family group, I immediately lapped onto it. We both started discussing the pros and cons about a tournament of this magnitude. I was eager to participate but Deepak insisted I work behind the scenes to organize the tournament with him, and so I got on board to be a part of the organizing committee of IBL and also as a moderator.

We didn’t know what to expect at that point but promptly created ‘another’ blog group on Facebook to annoy people with tons of notifications. We added few of our blog friends to the group, in the meanwhile me and Deepak were also brainstorming on chat about the format, rules, the number of teams etc. The idea was still very sketchy at this point. We posted whatever little we discussed about the tournament on the group waiting for the response from our fellow bloggers. An hour after the group was created, the group was unusually quiet, and there wasn’t much response. Deepak pinged me on chat, “Bro no response yet”. I replied, “Just give it a couple of days bro”. I was so wrong, should’ve said “a couple of hours” instead. What transpired in the next couple of hours was unprecedented; we were not ready for it. Within 3 hours of the group creation, there were already 200 members. The response was overwhelming; we hadn’t even decided how many teams we should allow participating or how many members in a team or things like that but already there were people forming teams for their respective cities. I was introduced to my fellow team members in the organizing committee by Deepak. Saravana Kumar Murugan of Few Miles fame and Binoy Karan of WriteUp Café joined us. The four of us took some time off from the chaos that was happening on the group to come up with some concrete set of rules and regulations for the IBL. Our brainstorming sessions lasted well into the night which continued in the succeeding days. And within a day, we had come up with some neat set of rules, a proper format, created a Fan Page, Twitter account, a Blog with a custom domain (thanks to Binoy for his self-less act of buying the server space for the sake of IBL from his own pocket). Also, we finalized the scheduling of the tournament in the coming days.

Official IBL Banner
Even though the tournament is yet to begin, we have already had our share of arguments, fights and difference of opinions. But we have stuck it out through it all and held ourselves together to work as a cohesive unit. This little ordeal has also brought all four of us much closer to each other, even though we have never met one another.

The greatest impact of IBL is, it has taken the conversations between bloggers to a much more personal level, and we all converse with each other as if we have known one another since the past many years. Earlier, conversations between bloggers may have been limited to the comment sections of each other’s blogs, but the advent of the IndiBlogger Family and IBL groups on Facebook has paved way for an interactive era for bloggers which was unheard of before. I am very happy to have played a small part in that transformation.

We, at IBL aim to promote the art of writing and the art of blogging and of course the competitive spirit. It will be a great test to all the teams to work as a team, gel together as one unit, to help win this prestigious tournament playing for their respective cities.

So who will take home the crown as the Champions of the Inaugural Edition of the Indian Bloggers League?

Will it be the cultural capital of Maharashtra known as the Pune Blog-In blowing their trumpets proudly in the end?

Armed with Dhoklas, Theplas and Phapdas, will it be one of the most hard working teams of the tournament, The Amdavadi Thadka?

Bombay’s Bloggywood - The superstars from the city of Bollywood are among the favorites to go all the way.

Maybe the best team on paper known as Bengaluru Bloggers’ Bistro from the Garden City of India which boasts of some of the best bloggers in the country in their respective genres. Who can bet against them?

The dark horses of the tournament from the land of the Chanakyas and the Aryabhattas – The Patliputra Wordsmiths have the potential to go all the way.

Known for their competitive and sporting nature, will the team from Chennai be able to emulate the exploits of their more successful counterpart of the IPL? The Chennai Super Bloggers are a team to watch out for.

The Kolkata Knight Writers team swears by the notion, pen is mightier than the sword; they are a bunch of talented writers whom no one can underestimate.

The spirited and enthusiastic bunch of bloggers from the Capital city of India – The Delhi Sutras are exceptionally talented. They may not be the most favored team but they are the team to beat.

The Battle of Blogs begins on the 1st of July. Be sure to catch all the action of this unprecedented blogging extravaganza on our Website, on our WriteUp Café Page, our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group.

136 Bloggers. 8 Teams. 4 Grueling Rounds spread over 3 Months. One Ultimate Winner. The phenomenon that is the Indian Bloggers League has arrived.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Back in Black

My love affair with the color Black dates back exactly seven years ago today, April 30, 2005. That was the very first time in my life I wore all black, including my watch, my pair of socks and shoes and my beloved ring which had Mi Amor’s name encrypted on it.
First time ever in All Black -
Dated Apr 30, 2005

Since then on wards I have only wore black clothes for most part of my existence, I absolutely don’t feel good on a rare occasion when I wear a different colored outfit. Many of my conversations with few people, especially my close friends starts with a comment on my all black outfit; I have been called “The Man in Black” to “Blacky” to “Akshay in Black” and many more. I feel amused when I get comments like that because most of my friends have seen me wearing only black clothes for many years now.

My inspiration to wear black clothes was indeed the love of my life, Shaki. She used to wear mostly black clothes in her teens so I tried to emulate her by wearing only black clothes in my teens.

My Best Pic -
Dated Dec 26, 2007
Black has given me a new but different identity which I did not possess before. Everyone I know identifies me with the color black. They may not always know my style in terms of the clothes I wear, well there isn’t much style to talk about, I pretty much suck in that department but when you ask any of my friends what kind of clothes I wear, 9 out of 10 times you might get the answer as Black. And I never shop for my clothes either, well hardly. Only recently I have started to “learn” to shop for my own clothes but mostly the shopping part will be taken care of by my mom or my bro. Only condition I put forth before they buy clothes for me is, you guessed it, it should be only Black.

On top of Mullayanagiri Peak,
 on Aug 14, 2011
I do get a few weird stares when I walk on the road wearing all black, it doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I like the attention I get.  Although I don’t stand out in a crowd, nor I have the personality to stand out but wearing black makes me feel different from others and gives me the confidence to stand out in a crowd.
Ethnic Day -
Dated Oct 15, 2010

I absolutely do not like wearing Ethnic Clothes but when we had “Ethnic Day” in college a couple of years ago, I decided to wear ethnic for the first time in my life and obviously it had to be all black, much to the amusement of everyone. And on that particular day somebody even called me “Moosa Bhai” while I was walking on the road. No kidding.

On my Birthday -
Apr 13, 2012
I tend to laugh at people who say, “Black is unlucky” or it isn’t right to wear black clothes or anything to do with the color black because it brings them “Bad Omen”. I don’t believe in such nonsense. I will always continue with my fascination for the color black and continue to wear black clothes because black defines me, it defines who I really am. 

After a lot of struggle with my health issues in the past couple of months, I finally managed to stand up on my own feet and walk a few steps on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I was determined to wear black on that day so that I can feel “normal” again. If you don’t know me that well probably you would not understand in totality what the last sentence really meant to me.

To me, black doesn’t stand for darkness or evil, it is a way of life and will always continue to be.