Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Eternal Fighter turns 2 - Blogoversary

To wish the love
of his life
on her birthday,
A naïve,
and shy bloke,
decided to
create a blog.
He never hoped
she would ever read it,
but still managed
to pour his
heart out.

He never imagined
 he was even capable
of writing more
than four lines, 
Yet, gave blogging a shot.
He came up with a
ridiculous name, 
The Eternal Fighter,
The Ultimate Comeback Kid. 
A name which he is
now proud of,
A name which has
come to define him.

Initially, his friends
 encouraged him
to carry on.
A few ordinary posts,
odd comments,
few months later,
He seriously
considered himself
a “blogger”.
He also naively
considered himself
a “writer” at one point.

He got an opportunity 
to interact with
some of the
best bloggers
in the blogosphere,
through IndiBlogger.
Reading their
work regularly,
made him realize,
what “writing” 
actually is. 
Embarrassed with
the mediocrity he
has been
churning out,
He vowed to improve.

Inspiration mostly
 came from within.
Devastated with
health issues,
He chose to blog
about them.
 Slowly, he realized,
blogging about 
what he
made him
very happy.
Writing was one of the
few things which gave him
immense happiness,
during the most toughest
phase of his life.

He continued to do
 what made him happy,
despite his mediocre
writing skills.
He either
about himself,
or his idol,
Rahul Dravid.
Oh, he also
about cats.
To conceal his
limited writing skills,
He often resorted to
long bouts of absence.

Along the way, 
he made 
a few friends for life,
who stuck with him
since the very
They read and
on all his posts,
irrespective of
how sub-standard
they were.

He wishes to thank 
them from the bottom
of his heart,
for their continued support
and encouragement.
He has survived in the
blogosphere for two years,
only because of his
loyal readers
and friends.

I know, everyone will agree when I say this, one’s blog is not just a blog; it’s an extension of themselves, an important part of their life. I am no different; my dearest blog is a very important part of my life and will always continue to be. I will keep on blogging as long as I can, for it has given me so much, which I can never repay. 

Here’s wishing a very happy 2nd birthday to my dear blog. Thank you for everything you have done to me.