Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lagaan – The Greatest Movie of all time completes 10 Glorious Years

LAGAAN - The Story of a Battle without Bloodshed
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"Sach Aur Saahas Hein Jiske Mann Mein, Anth Mein Jeeth Usi Kee Rahe"
It’s been 10 years today since the release of the greatest movie ever made and my all-time favorite movie Lagaan. This movie has been such a huge influence on me. It inspires me, instills me with confidence and self-belief when I am down. The emotion it brings out in me is unparalleled. As a mark of tribute, watched the movie again today. And it brought out the same excitement in me as it did when I watched the movie for the very first time.

Everything about the movie is a class apart; the only movie in my opinion which comes close to perfection. From the story, to the brilliant performances, the setting and the backdrop, the amazing music and the stunning background score by the legendary A.R. Rahman and of course the Cricket match. A combination of all these aspects and many more make Lagaan in my opinion, the greatest movie ever made. 

Whenever I feel down or low on confidence, I look for some inspiration in Lagaan. Be it listening to the songs or watching a particular scene. Some of my all-time favorite songs are “Mithwa” and “Chale Chalo” and all the other songs in the movie. They just inspire me and instill me with renewed confidence and self belief. I have watched the movie only a few number of times so far in the past 10 years. I always make sure there is a sizeable gap before I watch it again to ensure that I feel the same way every time I watch it.

I was so excited when Lagaan was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film Category. But I was left disappointed when it didn’t win it eventually. It lost the Oscar to another brilliant movie called "No Man's Land". But still it doesn’t take away any credit from Lagaan; it will always remain one of the greatest movies ever made. 

Aamir had actually invited everyone who worked for Aamir Khan Productions in all the films under its production for the 10th anniversary celebrations; be it the actors, the technicians and the whole crew who were part of its success in the previous years. We also got to see the whole team of Lagaan re-united after 10 years, which was a very special and emotional moment. It's really heartening to see a great master-piece like Lagaan still remembered and appreciated by one and all as we hardly get to see a great movie like Lagaan, these days. The greatness of Lagaan is such, I'm pretty sure it will still be remembered and appreciated even after 50 years from now.


  1. wow cool writing maga.... no words.....:):):)

  2. Thanks a lot buddy. Glad to know u liked it :)

  3. true, it is a great movie & those lines "sach aur sahas....." has keptme sane during some very trying times. it always motivates me, comforts me those lines
    loved the film

  4. Yes, Lagaan is a truly inspirational movie on many levels. So many lessons to be learnt from it. I have always turned to this movie when I feel down, it rejuvenates me, motivates me, inspires me. :)

  5. OMG :) a versatile actor...
    i have watched lagaan at least 20 times, all his movies will hold a charm :)
    wonderful post for a versatile KHAN :)

  6. I liked other movies of Aamir Khan than Lagaan

    1. All his movies are great but Lagaan is a class apart.


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