Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Note to Self

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Stop playing the “Ever Positive” card and start acting on the serious issues at hand. It’s pretty clear to you what those obstacles are now, so you don't need a special invitation to right the wrong. You are losing grip again. Being positive mentally and doing nothing worthwhile is different from staying positive and finishing the job at hand. If you lose grip now it will be very difficult for you to get back. Once again you have fallen behind in the race of life. Your once famous “Comeback” has eluded you only because you didn't try hard enough. Now, the time has come to stop resting on your past laurels and give a serious re-think about what you really want to do in future. This is the most critical juncture in your life and you need to decide which road you want to traverse to reach your desired destination. You cannot afford another devastating setback; frankly speaking you cannot handle another setback. Need to introspect as to why you went wrong instead of where. Need to do some serious soul searching and find your inner happiness once again.

Need to find that old Akshay of 2004 to 2006 who was innocent and naïve. He was always happy and found happiness and success in everything he did. Cut to 2011, this Akshay is neither happy nor successful. He is sad, miserable and is just a pale shadow of what he once used to be and is desperately trying to be ‘that’ guy and failing miserably at it, instead of just being the Akshay of now. He has to realize, that golden phase of his life has ended and needs to move on. He has the potential to create another era which will be much more successful and satisfying than the previous era. He needs to realize the Akshay of now is not that different from Akshay of six years ago, he just needs to find that “something” which is lacking in his life right now and he will surely be back on track soon. He needs to learn the art of winning once again which he has forgotten somewhere in the past three years. The time has come for him to step-up to the challenges that life has to put forth and be counted. Start WINNING again.


  1. Wow!!!! awesome bro... wat u said is absolutely true... And dont worry, Life wont b same everytime, u'll have your DAYS OF YOUR LIFE soon... :)

  2. Thanks a lot Suraj. Yeah I'm hoping for the same. I'm at the bottom of the circle right now and I'm sure there will come a time when I'm at the top of the circle again. I do understand it wont happen if I wait for it to happen, I need to make it happen and I'm sure will. :)

  3. You are strong.
    You are courageous.
    Our friendship has gotten us through the thick and thin.
    Whenever you are low, remember this.
    I'm here for you in every way.

    Please accept this note as an indicator of my heartfelt appreciation for everything you are.

  4. Thank you so much my dear. I can't even begin to say how much that meant to me. I had a tear in my eye while i read it. I know I'm strong but once in a while I need the people I love the most tell me that everything's going to be alright. I have said this before as well, I'm extremely lucky to have a friend like you in my life. I really cherish it. Thank you Radhu once again, your support means everything to me.

  5. Akshay... I am veryy happy to read ur blog, i just wish whole heartedly that u find that Akshay back. with more potential, more lively, more enthusiastic... than wat he was... i am sure he ll b back soon... he will, he has to coz if it has to b, then it has to be done by you... :)

    Best Wishes n Regards

  6. Bhagya, thank you so much my dear for those encouraging words. It always gives me immense happiness to hear from you. Your words always inspire me to do well. I try not to let the failures in life bog me down and stay confident as always. I know I will always have the support of my amazing friends such as yourself which makes me stronger and keeps me going. Thank you for always being there for me. I will cherish it :)

  7. i really liked this monologue.
    self-motivation at its best.

    just thinking: if you can whip yourself into action this way, i can imagine how well you will motivate others too, if need be.

    we are our own makers :)
    'start winning again' a high-five to that Akshay :)

  8. Thank you so much Mam for your comment again. Always motivates me and makes me happy to get a comment from you.

    Well, self-motivation is really necessary, especially in my case. Because when I am at the top, I'll be super confident and successful but when I'm down, I'll be at the absolute bottom. I need to force myself to get back up, else I'll remain there for a long time.

    About motivating others, well I don't know about that. If you feel so, then I'm really happy and honored, you think that way. :)


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