Friday, September 2, 2011

To My Idol Rahul Dravid – A Tribute (Part 2)

Rahul Dravid opens his account by fending away a short ball.
Image Courtesy: Cricinfo

My Idol Rahul Dravid walks out to bat on his T20I debut which also happens to be his last as I type this. My excitement has reached a whole new level and my happiness has no bounds. I finally see my idol wearing the Blue again after two years.

He looks a bit tentative but has nothing to lose, hence he can bat without any inhibitions and my only wish would be for him to make a rock solid half century which would result in a win for us or a quick fire 30 or a 40 would also make me happy. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind us losing this match if Dravid scores a century. Well, that would be a dream send off, wouldn’t it?

Currently he’s scored 8 of 12 balls, not bad. Dravid lofts one straight down the ground, falls safely. Phew. Meanwhile the other debutant Ajinkya Rahane has just reached his half century. Kudos to him, he might be the next big hope for Indian Cricket.

But the best moment of the day was yet to arrive and it finally did when Dravid smashed 3 humongous sixes in a row of the bowling of Samit Patel. It was the greatest sight in the world, I wish I could’ve been there live in the stadium to watch it but still those 3 sixes by my Idol just made my year.

For the first one, Dravid cleared his front leg to whack the ball high over long-on. It was around quarter past 11PM here and my scream was so loud after the first six, I might have woken up a few neighbors unless they were also watching this absolute spectacle and screaming with me.

And then it got better. The next delivery, Rahul danced down the wicket, he chose the long-on region again, it had enough legs to clear the boundary for another six. My screams got even louder. I was feeling like a teenager all over again.

And then it got even better for the third one. The final delivery of the over culminated when Rahul swept the ball high over the square-leg boundary for a humongous six. The best six of the three and I literally went crazy at this point. My screams were at its loudest and my happiness had no bounds.

My idol again did what he does best, silently contributing to the team unselfishly when it needs the most. Only this time he is going out making a loud thud!

Dravid's Twenty20 international batting career lasted 21 deliveries in 23 minutes scoring 31 runs with a strike rate of 147.61, a truly unforgettable innings.

By this innings Dravid again showed what playing for India really means to him. Even though he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, still this innings will be a slap on everyone’s faces who doubted his abilities in the shorter formats of the game.

Today has undoubtedly been one of the happiest days of the year for me, if not the happiest. I will cherish each and every moment of my Idol’s farewell ODI series.

Well played Rahul. You will forever be my Idol and my Inspiration. Thank You.


  1. Dravid totally rocks... great person... :)

  2. Thanks a lot bro :):) He is one of a kind! :)

  3. I too had similar feeling when watching that match.

    1. Thank you so much Rajesh, all the Dravid fanatics do feel alike. :)

  4. I will make a point to read all these to my mom when I meet her the next time. She would love it:)

    1. Thank you so very much Saru for the continued support, I will be honored if your mom do gets to read my posts on Dravid. :)


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