Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My battle with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura - A Year On!

“When life tries to fuck your case, show life your middle finger and say, ‘Fuck you, I ain’t going down without a fight!’”
Today, exactly a year ago I was diagnosed with a condition called ITP - a condition of having low platelet count. The days leading up to Mar 9, 2010 were crucial. Initially, I noticed some blood clots on my arms and legs and on my upper body, (pale pink dots and worst part was it started spreading) and I had not taken this seriously. A day or two later I started bleeding through my nose and my teeth gums. By this time I realized something is seriously not right, so I went to a clinic to get a blood test done. My platelet count was very low at 11,000; doctor advised me I need to get admitted immediately as my condition was potentially serious but I was in no position to accept that as I felt great physically and apart from the bleeding I didn’t feel there was anything wrong with me. I was also adamant I needed to attend my 1st internals (of my 6th sem) no matter what the following day, so I declined getting admitted to a hospital. After much deliberation and insistence from my mom I finally gave in and got admitted to Manipal Hospital (in a very dramatic fashion I might add) at around 4AM on Mar 9th. Few hours ago my platelet count was 11,000 but now in hospital it had reduced to 5,000 and dangerously decreasing.

The next few months that followed were the toughest months of my life; mentally, physically and emotionally. My platelet count kept fluctuating below 10,000 for the next 40 days or so and no signs of recovery in sight. At this time due to all the side effects of the medication, I had gained a whole chunk of weight, (I had literally gained 15kgs in 2 days at one point). To top that my bleeding hadn’t stopped, apart from the gums and nose I started bleeding through my motions as well (and every conceivable hole in my body, well maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but it certainly felt that way!). I had developed some petechial rashes throughout my upper body and face and some of the rashes exist even to this day.

It was more of a mental battle for me rather than physical. I kept fighting, never gave up. I used to feel frustrated because my condition was not improving, also because I couldn’t do anything in my power to make it improve. A little nervousness kept creeping up in my heart every now and then and I used to have some weird illusions in my head, maybe due to the medication which made it very difficult for me to sleep every night (I really can’t explain those feelings in words).

Finally after struggling for more than two months with this condition which included almost a month in a hospital bed, I finally started showing some signs of recovery and my platelet count started improving. Today, my platelet count stands at a healthy and safe 326,000 and most importantly it’s keeping steady at that level from the past 6 months and hopefully will stay that way in future. 

But what really kept me going was, I had the support of my wonderful family and my beloved friends who kept supporting me all the way through thick and thin. I will forever be indebted for their support and care. Every “How are you now?” “Get well soon” “Take Care”, every text message, every Facebook comment, every call asking about my health meant everything to me. It made me a lot stronger and gave me strength to carry on. I will never ever forget it. 



  1. I have no words... I dont knw wat to tell... U r the true fighter... I have no words to express my appreciation for ur courage... Congradulations U Won...

  2. Thank you so much sis :) You know how much i value your words, it means a lot to me :)

  3. good u got through al those difficulties... take care mate...

  4. happie ta hav u recovered nw!!! cheerz... itz al over.... n i hope nobody els getz thru such painful situation.....
    "health is wealth"....

  5. Thank u so much sis, very sweet of u :)I know ur good wishes were always with me, so that i could fight this through :)

  6. ur super maga......:):):):):):):)

  7. Good good. U finally started reading my blog. Thanks dude :) I was giving you live updates when i was in hospital anyways :)

  8. Praying for You to Get well and back to normal.Have healthy food and include an Iron-rich Salad daily.

  9. Thank you very much Christy for your concern and kindness. :) My platelet count is very steady and normal now for over a year, touch wood! I will follow your instructions and eat healthy food. Thank you again, very much appreciated!

  10. from 3 lakh to a couple of thousands is a drastic dip. how did it happen? no warning signs? what caused it?

    i agree with you - most illnesses after a point become a 'mental' battle than a physical one. m glad you came out of it and are healthy now. take care. really these two words 'take care' has lot of meaning when we are sick, lying on a hospital bed for days & months on end

  11. Well, no warning signs, as I said a few pale pink dots (blood clots) started appearing on my arms and on my thighs. I didn't know what to make of that until I started bleeding through my nose and my teeth gums. When your platelet count is below 20,000 you will experience bleeding in nose and gums. (I didn't know about this when I started experiencing them initially, until I did a blood test).

    Finally after more than twenty months, I am off tablets now. Need to check in January again whether my platelets are holding up without the help of tablets. Right now they are normal. :)

    Thanks a lot again Sujatha for your kind and inspiring words. It really means a lot to me. :)


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