Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am a Cat Lover and I am Proud!

Alicia wants her dinner early. So she is setting the time appropriately.

My baby posing for the cam :)
Dear Cat Lovers,

The day is finally nearing, the day which made me a lover of cats from a guy who was not a big cat person in general. That is the day when I found my baby Alicia. It was on Nov 16, 2008 when I found her and my whole perception about cats and animals in general changed forever. Now I am proud to say that I am a cat lover and an animal lover.

I just want to remember this day as Alicia's birthday. Even though the real birth date of Alicia is not known, maybe she was a two and a half month old kitty when I found her.

It will be almost 3 months since Alicia went missing and it saddens me to this day that I haven't found her back. So I urge all cat lovers to come together and support this cause and celebrate this day in remembrance of Alicia.

Please attend this Event and wish Alicia a Happy Birthday. :)

Thank You,
I Love Cats

I had written this more than two years ago after I lost my beloved cat named Alicia, an adorable little kitty who was solely responsible for my love for cats. Miss her so much. :(

I had posted this note on the eve of her birthday in my fan page on Facebook called I Love Cats, dedicated to my baby Alicia. It has close to 50,000 likes now.

Recently I celebrated Alicia's 4th Birthday and 3rd in her absence. It's been 28 months since I saw her last but I still miss her so much. It breaks my heart she is not with me anymore. Hope she is safe wherever she is and a good cat loving family is taking care of her. 


  1. Happy Birthday Alicia!!
    Come back soon! Your human is missing you!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pets forever

  2. Oh, I m sorry for that. Wishing her Happy Bday!

  3. Thank you so much Deepak for your concern :)

  4. Thank you Saru for the wish and your kind words! :)

  5. She is so very cute. I love kitties so very much. I'm very sorry to hear that she is missing :( I hope someday she finds her way to home. It really breaks my heart cuz I know how it feels to lose our loved ones. Take care ..

  6. Thanks a lot Aakash! :) I love cats and Alicia was my baby! Missing her so much :( Animals can transform our life way beyond we can imagine. Thanks for your genuine concern again! :)

  7. happy b'day Alicia. i know how it feels. hope u celebrate her next b'day with her.

  8. Happy birthday to Alicia, she is one adorable kitty... I am sure she is safe with the best wishes of all of us here and do hope she comes back to her home one day soon..

  9. Thanks a lot Arti :) I hope so too, its been more than two years but I still haven't lost hope. :):)

  10. So sorry abt that.Hope she wd find her way soon.Belated Bday wishes.

  11. Thank you so much Christy for your concern :)

  12. you had voted for my post. that's what brought me here

    you truly love her a lot. your post was so evocative.

  13. Thank you Sujatha, appreciate you stopping by :)

    Yes the guest post by your high-school friend moved me. Very emotional and inspiring.

  14. Your Alicia's grey fur is unique! Lovely cat.

    Two of my first cats went missing at various ages. It is quite a sad thing, but after all, pets always leave us sad in the end :-/

  15. True :( Well that's a hard truth about pets we all have to live with!

  16. Ouch! My parents had once adopted a little kitty from one of their neighborhood streets, and over time, they too got terribly attached to it (him).. In fact, whenever we spoke over the phone, the only exciting news they had for me was about Peepli (that's what they had named him :)) .. then one fine day, he went missing - jumped over the fence, they suspect... and they miss him even to this day!
    So.. on reading your post, I can totally begin to realize what a kitty means to their family - it's not just a kitten (or any pet for that matter), it's a member of the family, a very close member indeed!

    Hope you find Alicia (despite the years of separation in between)...

  17. Thank you Kavita. Yes, Alicia was like my baby, miss her so much :( Pets become such a huge part of your life, they become your family. Its so hard for me to think a day with my little babies. Whenever I come home my cat will always be there to welcome me and it makes me so happy. Animals give so much love and happiness. Its unconditional. :)


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