Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nostalgia - The TV Video Games

A friend of mine on Facebook had shared a pic couple of days ago which evoked a sense of nostalgia within me. And that's what inspired me to write this post. It was the picture of Mario trying to jump over the Dragon which is coughing up fireballs and kill it, to save Princess Peach. 

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After going through so much trouble of killing the dragon, the girl says, "Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle". And we had to go through that all over again. 

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But it was so much fun playing these TV video games, we never used to get bored. Me and my brother with all my cousins used to play these games all day and sometimes all through the night. Being a kid in the Nineties was so much fun, much before the advent of the PlayStation, XBOX and the PC Games. 

My favorite game used to be Spartan X. I was the absolute champ in that game. I still cherish it. :)

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I got my first video game back in 1995 after nagging my Dad to buy it for a long time. In those days these things used to cost a lot, like Rs. 3,500 and for the purchase of the ROM, we needed to shell out extra. Just the 64 in 1 ROM used to cost like 800 bucks. In the coming years these things became very cheap and by the year 2000 we used get these TV video game console for less than 500 bucks. And 64 in 1 ROM had become as cheap as Rs. 50

Now, they have completely vanished from the market but they still give us sweet memories whenever we think of those days as a kid playing the video games. 

I was just checking online whether we can still play these games on the net; I'm sure many of you might have come across it already. We can download these 64 in 1 ROM's or any other ROM and start playing these games and relive our childhood all over again.

Let me just post the download links of the 64 in 1 ROM and its Emulator file and give a brief description on how to play the game below:

You can download the 64 in 1 ROM file here.

You can download the Emulator file for the 64 in 1 ROM here.


1) Click on the above links and download both the files.

2) Extract the 64 in 1 ROM file and place it in a folder. (Downloads folder in Google Chrome, by default)

3) Extract and install the Emulator file.

4) After installing the Emulator file, you will get an installed file icon, (which has Mario's pic on it) double-click on that file, run it and a window opens up.

5) Click on File and select Open and Play ROM - Click on the file name which says 64-in-1 [p1].pes and open it.

6) And Voila! You see the 64 in 1 screen where you can play any of the games which you would have definitely played in your childhood. Use the Up and Down arrow keys, Shift to go to next page and Enter key to select a game and play. I'm sure you will find a way and relive your childhood again.

I am doing that right now! :)


  1. mario was cool :D

  2. MARIO :P after school i would run for that !
    nice !

  3. Yeah, same here buddy. I'm glad you liked it. :)

  4. i have NO IDEA who mario is!!
    video game in 1995....i still don't play one :DD
    not into it at all
    but now pls dont tell me its because i am 'girl'

  5. @Sujatha: LOL! Yeah, it was 1995, even I can't believe it was that long ago. Well I donno how come you didn't come across these TV video games. Hugely popular for a kid growing up in the 90's irrespective of the gender. Some of my cousins were girls and they played too so I wont say you didn't play coz you are a girl :D

    Anyways thanks so much for your comment. Really appreciate it. :)

  6. Nice post...very nostalgic! My favourites were Mario, Hocus Pocus, Pac-Mac and Duck hunt :)

  7. Thank you very much Priya for stopping by :)

    I loved Pac-Man and Duck Hunt as well :)

  8. ahhhh now i am feeln nostalgic...quite a contagious post... :p

  9. I used to play Mario a lot. Loved Road Fighter as well. I used to play Spartan but wasn't good at it. You just put me back to the same old school days. Wonderful post, loved it :-)

  10. Hey Akshay.... i realised dat m a grown up afta i completed readin thiz post.... I used ta play al d gamez dat u'v mentioned.... i stil rem hw ma dad had broken d play station literally as me n ma bro wr fightin fa dat.... N even nw i play mario... datz ma fav game.... n thankz fa al d linkz... I alwayz wantd ta remain az a child... "so innocent".... By playin theze gamez atleast i wud relive ma childhood..."wondaful childhood....!!!!"

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog,and for that great have an interesting place here...I played Mario up till recent times,and if I get my hands on it,will try again.

  12. @Aakash: Thanks a lot buddy :) Yeah that red color car of Road Fighter, classic :)

  13. Dear Maddy, thank you so much for your precious comment, I feel so happy that you commented :) :)

    Yeah those were the days, our innocent childhood with no pressures of life. Most beautiful days of our lives, these video games are a wonderful memory indeed :)

  14. Alpana, thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it :)

    I loved your poem, very beautiful. Happy to know you found your perfect guy :) :)

  15. I started playing video games when I was in college. I am late for all the good things in life. BTW, this post is more for my brother. I funded his video game out of my pocket money:)

  16. @Saru: Its never too late to play video games :D Thanks a lot for your comment Ma'm. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. :)

  17. Thanks a lot Akshay fr dis :)
    Jus Got ma "Good Old Days" back wit dis 64 in 1.. ws thinkin how to get a Video Game agn & play dese Games & i bump across ur blog & get the link to it.
    God Bless U Man :)
    U jus made my day .
    Keep up the good work.

  18. @Kuttai Club: Thanks a lot for stopping by. I'm very glad this post was useful to you :)Next time plz leave a link to your blog as well. :)

  19. Awww.. I am glad that I landed on this post through networked Blogs request that I got from you this morning. Its so nostalgic Akshay. My uncle had gifted me this game from his 1st salary:) Now what to say about Super Mario. All I can say is he is my first crush. *blush* All the levels were on my finger tips and day and night I had only one aim to save Mr.Mario's Princess:) The day when I had found the princess that was the day of victory for me.. Thanks for this wonderful nostalgic post:)

    1. Thank you so much Sonia. :) Hmmm Mario was your first crush ha? Nice. :D I am so glad my post was able to recall all those nostalgic memories. These video games were an inseparable part of our lives as kids. Never ceases to bring a smile on our faces whenever we think about all those wonderful memories. :)

  20. I still remember the era of these video games when we used to play Mario and other video games on TV set. That era of gaming was really amazing. Miss those days !


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