Monday, January 2, 2012

Cox Town Annual Fair 2012

Before I begin, let me start by wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May all your hopes, dreams and aspirations come true.

Every year on the 1st of January, I used to welcome the New Year by visiting the Annual Fair, held near Frazer Town area of Bangalore meeting up with my old friends. It always used to be that way until 2008. I had missed this fair since the past three years due to unforeseen circumstances. But this year I really didn't want to miss it, my best friend Rajiv and I finally decided to grace the event.

I used to live in Frazer Town, since my childhood, I have some wonderful memories there, until I moved to Banashankari 3rd Stage in 2007. The Fair always fills me with nostalgia and yesterday was no different either. Even though for me there's nothing much in the fair to look forward to, because it mostly caters to children and women. Everywhere you either see children's toys or balloons or girly stuff like artificial jewelry or make-up kit. But still, just to be in that place on 1st of Jan gives me so much pleasure and happiness.

I did find something which really excited me and that was the only thing I bought in the fair. I am really happy because it was the most precious Rs.10 I have ever spent in my life.

A priceless possession with Mi Amor's name encrypted on it
The Fair starts from the Frazer Town Police Station stretch up until a place called Doddigunta (Cox Town) and also some parts of Wheeler Road. People from in and around these areas mostly flock to the fair, and also from places like Banaswadi and Jeevanahalli which are close by. People from various strata of life come here every year and I even spotted a few foreigners as well.

After a lull in the afternoon, people started flocking in large numbers.
The crowd we felt this year was a far cry compared to what we used to see, like 10 years ago. In those days, the fair would have opened a day earlier and the crowd we see in the above pic would have been the crowd on 31st Dec and not Jan 1st. The numbers would have almost doubled on the New Year's day. But still it was a decent crowd and the crowds kept coming in, and by 6PM on wards it became very crowded. And moving through the crowd became really difficult. I felt like I was in a densely crowded BMTC bus all over again.

Along the way I managed to meet up with my old school friends after many many years, and some of them are married and even have kids. Yes, that was indeed a WTF moment of the day for me. 

From Left: Mahesh, Murali with his kid and my best buddy Rajiv.
Also I found a few other interesting things that I wanted to share. I guess this would really interest the ladies, more than others.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

The Glow
The crowds in the evening kept increasing and that's when we decided we have had enough and its time to get out of there. Before we left, I took a few shaky pics in the midst of the crowd.

The shake was not intentional but I feel it looks kinda good though

Managed to click a proper one finally

And all of you remember this guy?

A Robot which predicts your future
The above robot predicted that all the nice people who will read this post and comment below will have a fabulous new year ahead. And he also says that if you promote this post on IndiBlogger, you will have an even better year.

So what are you waiting for?
Read, Comment, Promote and Share. :D


  1. lovey lovely event with so much of positive vibe. and yes i have not only commented but clicked on that interesting thing and while going i am going to vote for u as well. so i ll have a great yr right? have a super duper 2012.

  2. Hahaha!! Of all people I expected you would comment first and exactly the way you have. LOL!

    Yeah buddy you will have a wonderful year ahead. Thank you so much Deb for your comment. :)

  3. WOW, you found your love in 10 bucks Akshay! Seems you had great time. I lived near MG Road for 9 months...Bangalore is a great city.

    Happy New Year:)

  4. Wonderful images from the fair.
    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  5. Thank You so much Saru :):)
    Yeah, had a wonderful time. Hope to see you back in Bangalore soon, if possible. :)

    Hope you had a wonderful start to the New Year. Lovely pics :)

  6. Thanks a lot Rajesh.
    Wish you a Happy New Year as well :)

  7. i agree Rs 10 spent in the BEST way possible :))

    and that was a WTF moment alright - meeting your school classmate with his kid :DD

    i didnt know about this frazer town fair. thanks for sharing

  8. Thank you Sujatha Mam. :):)

    Yeah the most satisfying Rs 10 I've spent. Loved it! :D

    Its worth visiting the fair at least once. Its fun. You'll love the experience. :) Maybe you can visit the fair next year! :)

  9. i am back to this post because looks like i have read ALL your posts except 2-3 which are about cricket. i kept scrolling down to check if there was a post i could read today & there were none :/ !!

    oh i also had to tell u i am your 25th follower :))

    1. Oh dear how did I miss this comment? Thank you, Ma'm again :) You are the only one who has read almost all my posts. I am honored. :)


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