Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 39th Birthday - My Idol Rahul Dravid

Happy Birthday Rahul :)
One of the greatest Cricketers ever to have played the game, the one who has been an inspiration and role model to many budding Cricketers during the course of his 15 year International Cricket career, turns 39 today.

I am going through really strange and mixed emotions right now because from the past few days I feel like I am about to lose something precious, something which has been a part of me for a long long time. I get a strange feeling Rahul Dravid is going to announce his retirement soon, maybe as soon as the ongoing series against Australia concludes by the end of this month (if rumors are to be believed). I know he is 39 now, he can't carry on forever but still I really can't fathom the fact that I am not going to see my Idol play Test Cricket much longer. I know that retirement will be least of the worries on Dravid's mind right now. He would really want to concentrate on the remaining two tests and level the series by winning the next two tests. It will be a daunting task indeed (well almost impossible), considering India's poor showing with both bat and ball in this series. I am probably not making any justice to this post by cribbing only about Dravid's retirement on a day I am supposed to be happy. My thoughts are very emotionally clouded right now and I just can't think straight.

I had a lot of things planned to post here today. I had been collecting picture cut outs and articles of Dravid from various News Papers and Magazines from maybe 1997 on wards. I was planning to post all the pics here, all my collection over the years but heartbreakingly I can't seem to find those precious pictures and articles. I don't remember where I have kept them since we moved to a new place a couple of years ago. I know it is in a safe place in my home but I can't seem to find them right now. I am so distraught and frustrated. I am sitting here and typing this and my heart feels heavy.

Anyways I am not going to bore anyone with my whining anymore on this post. I am going to conclude with this lovely tribute to Dravid on his 39th Birthday, made by a fellow Dravid fan. :)

I'll try to enjoy this day and not worry about Dravid's retirement even though its hard for me not to think about it. No matter how much longer he plays now, I'll cherish each and every moment.  

Happy 39th Birthday, Rahul Dravid. Thank you for being my Idol and my Inspiration since the past 15 years and will always remain so. :)


  1. One of the best cricketers India ever produced.
    All the Best to Him :)

  2. Best man to match your BLOG TITLE !
    Best human being and Best Test Batsmen
    He is one of my role model :)
    Happy Birthday Legend !

  3. excellent post. we all love him. happy b'day Rahul Dravid

  4. @Mr.Valady: Thank you very much Sir for gracing me with your comment. :)

    @DS: Thanks for your comment buddy. :) Yeah Dravid is one of the greatest ever. Such an honor to see him grow as a cricketer over the past 15 years. :)

  5. @Deepak: Thanks a lot bro. Dravid's class and humility is unmatched. :)

    @Deb: Thank you Deb. Really appreciate your comment! :)

  6. many many happy returns of the day Mr. Dravid, stay fit for another 5 years, and remain in indian team

  7. i know this sounds strange, maybe even stupid but after reading this one, i went looking for your profile info to check your zodiac!
    you are so emotional here. sounded like one of your more 'difficult to write' posts on RD

  8. nobody can replace dravid once he retires.

  9. @Sujatha Mam: I am emotional when it comes to Dravid. You just reminded me of many brawls I used to have in school when someone spoke bad about Dravid. :D

    I am an Aries and Aries people tend to be a bit emotional and possessive about their attachments, me too :)

    Yes, it was bit difficult for me, coz a lot of things were going on in my mind when I wrote this last night. I consider this as one of my not-so-good posts. (Not that my other posts are masterpieces, but still). :)

    @Neha Sharma: Thanks a lot for stopping by. Really appreciate it. :)

  10. @Aamir: Thank you so much buddy. Your very first comment on my blog. :) Yes, Dravid is irreplaceable. I will miss him a lot when the inevitable happens :(

    And after tagging you on all my posts, finally got a comment from you! :P

  11. I wish he continues playing for some more series without retiring.

  12. I hope so too Rajesh. Thanks for stopping by :)

  13. He is simply amazing!! An epitome of solidarity, patience and integrity! And I am super proud to be sharing the same zodiac sign as him (I know that's abs. silly... but when one idolizes somebody, even the slightest similarity is like an achievement by itself :))

    Thanks for this tribute to an awesome cricketer - a fiiiine human being! May his 39 turn to a million and more...

  14. Thank you so much Kavita, I can totally empathize with you on that. Its not silly at all, when someone tells me that my mannerisms are bit like Dravid, I'll be so thrilled as well. :):)

    "An epitome of solidarity, patience and integrity!" I couldn't have put it any better than that. Thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate it. :)

  15. It's such a touchy post. I wish he can comment on it. Happy Bday to him!

  16. a very well written tribute i must say wish rahul dravid could read it for himself:)

  17. @Saru: Thank You very much Ma'm. I hope so too. :)

    @Alka: Thanks a lot dear. I'll be so thrilled if Dravid ever gets to read my posts. :)

  18. I think the BCCI and the controversy between Sehwag and Dhoni which is the cause behind Indian Cricket team loss in Test Series against Australia, and media has unnecessarily create hype for the senior players to go. Actually Dhoni should quit from Test Cricket who show his willingness to quit Test Cricket. This is not only the Drawid who had bad Test Series but also the other senior players and the junior players. Why BCCI and media forced Dravid to quit test cricket.

    According to me players like Sachin and Drawid are treasure of Indian Cricket and they should not be forced to quit like this. This is very bad that such a nice player of Indian Cricket has to quit like this. We will see how junior players or Dhoni or Sehwag will play like Drawad.

    It is very bad that Drawid has to go like this.

    1. Appreciate your opinion Sandeep but please don't insult Dravid by making spelling mistakes in his name repeatedly. Its not Drawid or Drawad, its DRAVID.


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