Saturday, January 7, 2012

Self Motivational Thoughts

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I had written this a few years ago on a piece of paper when I was going through a really terrible phase in my life. I always stay positive even if my life is in absolute dire-straits. I am a fighter and I have always fought my way through tough situations in my life. So I had written a few lines to motivate myself to overcome that tough phase. And it did help me a lot to a great extent. Now, I find myself going through another lean phase in my life. But I don't get bogged down by my failures, I don't get depressed, I always see a ray of hope. 

So here are some of my motivational thoughts to overcome failures/obstacles. Hope it helps, at least to a certain extent:

  • Visualize your goal.
  • Work out all the possible routes to reach your goal.
  • Choose the best route (legally) achievable by you.
  • List out the possible rivals and threats.
  • Always stay focused on your goal and never lose the sight of it.
  • Be supremely confident about your abilities.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Don't let distractions affect you.
  • Again remind yourself what your goals are and don't lose focus.
  • Work very very hard.
  • Always have a positive outlook.
  • Don't let failures bog you down.
  • Never ever give up, no matter what!
  • List out your positives and negatives. Work on your negatives and turn them into positives. 
  • Work harder on your positives and make them even stronger.
  • Try loving the things which you are not good at or which don't come to you naturally. You may not be the best at it, but certainly you will the worst at it, if you try.

There is absolutely nothing in the world which is not achievable by you, only if you mind. Its time to put words into actions.  


  1. It's a very crisp and motivating post. I think I should bookmark it for future read...

  2. no wonder your blog title is The Eternal Fighter, the comeback kid

  3. Thank you Dear Saru and Sujatha :) Receiving comments from two of my favorite bloggers. Honored! :)

  4. excellent post akshay and yes u r going to win eventually. and whenever i need some motivation, i ll visit this post of urs.

  5. @Deepak: Thanks a lot buddy :)

    @Deb: Thank you so much bro. Means a lot to me :)

  6. Inspiring post! Need to remember this every now and then:)

  7. Thank you Deepa for your kind words. Really appreciate it. :)

  8. This is so is great you have thought of putting it down in print...we eternal fighters have this all in our brain that sometimes it becomes difficult to refer to in need! Very useful post!


    1. Thank you so much mam. I am so glad you found it useful. :):)

  9. short , sweet and very motivational quotes .

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  11. I love the motivational thoughts here. What a great way to start the morning. Thanks!


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